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Upholding The Legacy Of BC Cannabis

Our products are carefully cultivated to cater to a variety of tastes

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Bright Angel Regional Park, Vancouver Island, BC

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United Greeneries offers four distinct brands that will satisfy even the most discerning consumers. Grown in beautiful British Columbia, our natural and pure product is cultivated responsibly for people and the planet. The result: a higher calibre of craft cannabis.

18twelve is inspired by the ways art and science can align to create something worth savouring.

It’s a feeling that can invigorate you in the morning or ease you back into a chill evening. It can ignite your creativity or help you recharge. It invites you to live life in a way that feels right to you.

So, what will be your way?

Available in two expertly crafted strains.

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Captain's Choice
Captain's Choice

Born on the island and inspired by the innovative spirit of Captain George Vancouver, Captain’s Choice is a unique milled and blended product, crafted to give you the best possible experience at a great price.

The sum of all our expertise went into making Captain's Choice, the pioneer of blended cannabis products.

Available in 3 specialty blends.

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Discover Royal Co.
Discover Royal Co.

Royal Co. is our range of high-quality, premium cannabis oils, concentrates and extracts. Conceived with the discerning customer in mind, Royal Co. is crafted to help you embrace a life well lived. We’ve created THC dominant, CBD dominant and blended formulations to deliver you inspired and elevated experiences.

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